An Apology

I do not quite know when it happened, but I know that it has, and sadly it means everything I had on my previous website is gone :/ apparently I hadn’t paid for my hosting services, so there! I am back to square one.

I had quite a few promos for books, interviews with authors, and a character as well… I will look into getting those back except for the release blitzes because they would be pointless now.

If any of my author friends have on their website, a review that was done by me, could you please let me know I will put those up on my blog ASAP! 🙂

Any author that I wrote a review for only on here, and did not crosspost, I am truly sorry. If someone would just email me the details, I will do my best to R&R at my earliest.

If there are any authors that need blog places for featuring their upcoming books please give me a chance to put them up on my website.





ps: as always, if anyone is looking for an editor/ copyeditor/ proofreader, please get in touch with me. I am back in business!


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